Thursday, July 01, 2010

Can I call them, or what?

About two weeks ago, I wrote about Google and their habit of sucking up as much personal information as possible.
And their response of ...'but we're Liberals- you can trust us'...

Then I was this headline on Drudge:

Google's Eric Schmidt: You can trust us with your data

Which I was going to make a post about- including 'being the most open and ethical bussiness out here' after I got done making breakfast. (Really, I was. Would I lie to you? Srysly)

Then I started reading the article...

which went all the way to the fourth para for this-- "The difference between the Apple model and the Google model is easy to understand - they're completely different. The Google model is completely open.

And again- " We like our strategy a lot because it's consistent with our values, which are the openness and the open platform and the web platform."

And finally the usual you can trust us in the last para:
Google, Schmidt says, is kept in check by its customers and by the competition: “All of our testing indicates that the vast majority of people are perfectly happy with our policy. And this message is the message that nobody wants to hear so let me say it again: the reality is we make decisions based on what the average user tells us and we do check. And the reason that you should trust us is that if we were to violate that trust people would move immediately to someone else.


Where? Because anywhere I go on AlGores intratubz, I can find a blue "G" somewhere on the site.

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