Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some things are better as a concept than reality

Take bacon pork sausage.
In spite of the BACON=nom meme going around, this combination reminds me of nothing other than the C-rat meal lovingly known as "Ham and Motherf*ckers"

And speaking of C-rats and the useful things you could do with them:
Stoves, infiltration alarms, digging utensils, defensive projectiles, etc...

How many reading this still have their P-38s?
I still have mine on my keyring along with a WWII through bolt nut that I was standing on about 75' in the air while stripping an old comsta. It still had a guy wire pulling horizontally and was almost rusted through. Naturally I now look to see how well what I'm standing in will hold me.

And if you were using C-rats and didn't have heat tabs or C-4, you could always use the peanut butter to cook with.

How many uses have they developed for MREs? Just wondering.

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