Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I didn't vote today

I got off early and headed straight to the polling place in Hondo.
When I got there, they asked for my DL since I left my voter card at home.
Then they couldn't find my name in the roster. WHAT?
They went to check their voter rolls and came back to tell me I lived in pct. 6 and had to go to Castroville because I lived at a point at the very end of it.

Dude, I'm NOT driving another 20 miles out of my way for a constitutional vote. Sorry.

And I stopped at Wally-world for some beer. I'm also NOT going to pay almost $5 for a six pack of Busch beer at Wal-mart. I'll buy the $10 box of wine, yep -it was a very good week.

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