Sunday, November 01, 2009

Hitting it big on E-bay

I was just surfing through E-bay, looking to see if there was anything selling that I was interested in making.

All these bidders with the handles like n**h, or j**w, and the ever inventive m**3 are jumping on a small group of sellers and ignoring the same products at a better price.

I've never had a legit bid from someone with a double astrisk in their name.
Most kind of reflect their interests...motrrhed, sunnylacer, gingersnap...

You don't think someone might be going against E-bay policy and bidding up their own auction, do you???

I've been an @sshole before and bid on stuff I wasn't interested in buying just to make Usuk and c'mstain pay more because I didn't like the handle.....

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