Sunday, November 22, 2009

But...If it saves just 'ONE' life...

I thought anything was justified?

Or is it only justified if it imposes the will of the Left?

Now that the .gov is going to be responsible for putting off breast exams for the 40% of women who will have a problem there, and the (koff) unexpected revamping of the PAP smear so it's not *really* needed until much later, it's not worthwhile.
Because the women who will be dead because they didn't get those tests are just statistics.

What's the next recommendation to be pushed back?
Cholesterol tests cost money.

Stress tests cost money.

Insulin costs money- HEY, lets recommend that injections need to be spaced out more.
Yeah, and amputating a leg is much more cost effective than a long term treatment of antibiotics...then you have that costly rehab work.

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