Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anyone have their ESP running today?

I was looking at this ISP since Rock Solid Wireless Internet has a real problem communication with people who want to give them money.

I was looking at Indian Creek's services and clicked this FOR SALE link. Paula, have you sold it yet?

As far as Rock Solid Wireless DSL out of Hondo and Castroville, If you look yourselves up on the internet I'll tell you what I asked Gelli (your receptionist) yesterday about noon. I'm the one you came out to Creekwood for. The one with the green gate and three dogs at the bottom of the water tower- remember? I asked her if I could get some information on how precisely your antenna had to be aimed, as I could use a 35' light pole from work. That would put it as high as the roofmount antenna just up the road.
I gave her my cell number and she said she'd pass it on. If you read this today you might be able to retrieve it from the trash- if she even bothered to write it down.
Also- when you reschedule an appointment, it would be nice to let the people who want to give you money *know* that you're not coming that day.

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  1. Seriously? You must really have bad Internet service to rail on a company you don't even use.