Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hey Cindy!

You washed-up attention whore, if you're so bad against unpiloted drones- why not camp out in Chicago?

They let you do your media thing in a ditch in Crawford- I bet 0bamas Chicago goons would have your circus in jail before you could even get one protest sign up in front of 0bamas house.

Since you want it both ways- your childish tantrums without consequences, welcome to the real world.

And Xan,,,,

Code Pink protester Xan Joy, who physically confronted the man during the incident, called the man a "bully" and said his behavior was meant to intimidate the protesters.

"He should be so happy and grateful that there are people in this country that are trying to protect him and his children and everybody's children from war," Joy said.

,,,I think that vet doesn't need your protection from war.

Stoopid c*nt.
(I can say that, right? Or is that word just reserved for Republican women?)

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