Friday, November 07, 2008

This would be so kewl

If someone would make a blog so we could laugh at the Obamabots as they realize that Himself either wont or can't do what he promised.

I mean, all those that think we'll be solving Global warming by Unicorn farts and feeding 'the poor' with manna from heaven. I don't know what manna tastes like, but I can almost guarantee you that the kool-aid drinkers won't like it.

Think of the absolute crushing 'horror' when they realize that the world still hates us and moslems still want to kill Americans.

What do you think their reaction will be to the Carter era gas lines?

I'd even do it if I were near a computer during the day...and I could actually compose coherently.

Rahm Emanuel, huh? So much for Bi-partisanship,,,but then real Conservatives saw that comming. Too bad the RNC is going to be blindsided- AGAIN.

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