Saturday, November 22, 2008

AGW Climate change and you

Before I get started, how many of you have had to see a shrink and get meds to treat your Obama Depression Syndrome like the Libs did in 2004?

We now have Henry Waxman (D-nutcase) in charge of setting energy policy, and making the same people that bankrupted Social Security, the Auto industry, caused the housing meltdown with Freddy-May responsible for implementing government health care. The same people that ruined the education system.
Remember the Walter Reed thing? That's gov't health care at its best.

Henry Waxman is a total Global warming tool and is going to force all this expensive greenhouse gas reduction legislation onto an already hurting economy.
Now what is going to happen when it's finally bashed into their skulls that the earth is (and has been) cooling?
Do you think that they'll just say "Ooops, our bad- we'll just cancel those foolhardy and wasteful greenhouse programs."

OR do you think (being Liberals and all) that they'll create ANOTHER expensive and wasteful program to produce greenhouse gases(GHG) offset the program that they still have in effect to reduce the GHG?

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