Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This could be interesting

Our dearest new leader Barry the benevolent is extending an olive branch to Hillary.
So now, if it goes through, we'll be able to watch a dirty-trick Chicagoland politician play chess with a dirty-trick Clintonian Rasputin. I wonder who'll win?

Or, could it be that he only mentioned the job in passing, and Hils leaked it to the loyal MSM to use as leverage?
After the infamous question #60...got anything they can use against you? Please provide documentation.
Could she be so stupid to provide all that in black and white to El Cappo de Bar-o, and he decides..."oops, sorry Hil- too much dirty laundry here, we'll pass...and thanks for all the info. It'll come in handy...maybe."

If the Clinton family gets the nod (remember with one we get both), who are the Clintonistas (37 out of 41 picks for Mr. Change-B-Me) going to side with in the fight for overt or covert power?

This should be as fun as watching the faithful realize that Mr. Everything-2-everyone is nothing but an Ignis fatuus.

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