Saturday, November 08, 2008

This election proves what I've believed

I firmly believe that instead of making it easier to vote than getting a sub-prime mortgage, it needs to be a little more difficult.

How about some of these changes?
  • You have to actually *prove* who you are by showing an official ID- not a water bill. Hey, if Obamas Black Panthers can check your ID in Philly, why not the .gov?
  • Mail-in ballots from APO and FPO will get first priority in handling and a longer lead time, because they're actually putting it on the line for the entire voting thing to happen.
  • How about a 'clue' test? where you actually have to have some knowledge of both candidates planks? No, I'm not talking about the Jim Crow laws or Literacy tests. Just something that anyone who has the political insite higher than a door knob can pass: "Which party controls the House/Senate?"---"Name one plank in each candidates platform"---"Who has the tie breaking vote in the Senate?"
  • Purge the rolls yearly and maybe send out a return card asking if the voter wants to be carried over- if not, scratch the name. If you can't check a box and drop a card in the mail, you don't give enough of a chit to vote anyway.
  • Military, property owners and small business entrepreneurs should have two votes so as to cancel out the shiftless money suckers on the dole.
BUT,,, we all know it will never happen because the Dems couldn't get clueless college students, crack whores and dead people to the polls and would never get elected.

AND- Make it a closed primary that candidates can't drop out from, that way the Liberal half of the country can't force a RINO on the rest of us... like this ast time.

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