Saturday, November 08, 2008


Ok, so why did it take eight years for them to decide that "we are all fuzzybunnykitten luvrz"?
I sure don't remember those sentiments from the last eight years that I've been looking at the Leftist moonbats.

But after seeing those luvy-dovy lets all get along ideals,,,OK.
I'll give your guy as much slack as you gave Bush. Sounds fair, and you're all into "equality" and the fairness doctrine,,,,right?

So why should you have a problem with me acting almost as nasty better than you did for Bush's last two terms?

...AND I notice that unlike your predictions, he'll allow a peaceful change of power,,,including all the "O's" left on the keyboards.

I notice that this "unity" site has a lot less contributors than those anti-Bush, anti-Iraq NOT IN MY NAME sites had in the same amount of time.
I guess these are the silent wing of the Dems who really want to get along and not the strident 'kill all who aren't in lockstep' wing of the Liberal ideology.

I'm kinda surprized that no-one has mentioned my girlfriend in the top pic...Zelda.
And Mr. oralface,,,,you *do* know what your sign says in Mexican, right?

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