Sunday, November 30, 2008


I found my internet problem.
I lost power on my Wildblue modem last Monday.
To troubleshoot, I was told to move the plug to another outlet and see if the power light came on.
It didn't, and I was given an roa# and told the replacement modem would be there in three days.

Which would have made it Thanksgiving day. So I waited all Friday for the Brown Truck of Connectivity...which never showed.
So after getting ahold of the Wildblue trouble desk and 'Mary' the dot Indian, I was informed that I was originally supposed to have gotten the replacement on Weds- but it got rescheduled to frigging MONDAY.

I finally did what I'd been meaning to do all week, and checked the rectifier/charger/power supply- whatever you want to call it- and found I had no power coming out.
I know it was plugged in to the outlet, and the outlet was good, so I was looking at a bad power supply.
As I was dragging out the tangle of wires, I saw a female power end that didn't go anywhere until I saw the power supply didn't have any power in ( I thought the entire unit was one piece).
After I plugged both the 110V power in and the 30VDC power in- I have internet back.

You'd think that they might tell people to check BOTH ends of the cord, wouldn't you?

Now to cancel my $41+ tax dial-up.

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