Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another political cover-up exposed

This time it's been exposed by the Beeb, and literally changed the world into what we now know as reality.
The brance involvedthis time was the British Navy engaging in ,,, not really a cover-up, but more of a misrepresentation of fact.
Which enabled them to become the dominant maritime force of their times.
AND enabled them to challenge Spain and France to the new world, which resulted in their colonies in New England.
Which in turn latter became an independent America who returned the favor to save the world numerous times from the forces of evil.

Oh, that little factlet?
Henry VIII thought his Mary Rose was flooded by a squall and sunk about a mile off shore at the Solent. It was later reported that the French actually HIT something back then...and caused the flooding that caused the capsizing.

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