Friday, November 28, 2008


It really kind of sucks,,,BUT it's better than having no internet at all.
Like us for the last five days after the wildblue modem went out.

The service guy told me they'd send a replacement on a three day delivery- which put it in Thanksgiving day,,,which I knew wasn't going to happen. So after waiting all day today for the Big Brown Truck of connectivity, I called Wildblue service at 5 PM.
I got "Mary" the 'dot' Indian who informed me that it was originally scheduled to be delivered on Weds, but got delayed until Monday.

Now I'm on 26K dial-up for a cost of $41+tax because I am not going through the weekend without internet. At least I can pay some bills and do some research on incorporation and business plans.
I'd do some patent research, but I know I probably won't get any protection for using one common practice for tubing bending to use to make kink free bends on 4" PVC conduit field bends.

It took me over an hour to update my AdAware so I can pay some bills online

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