Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When I was in the Navy

I was a Seabee (oh wow, check-out the cool tee-shirt), a Construction Electrician who was mostly on the line crew.

hen I got out, I thought I was done setting forests of brand new creosote poles.
I was until we got a contract to upgrade most of a San Antonio school districts power supplies- including their temporary classrooms.
We've been at it all week, and with them not being used to setting so many poles )we average about two a month)- we're stress testing our equipment.
And finding it lacking.
So far, our best day has been five poles set before something broke.
Our helpers are electricians, apprentices and helpers. I've been showing them the ropes and the easy(er)way to do things and they're learning. The ones that want to learn are...

I was helping one get the sling around a pole while he had it pried up on the trailer when it slipped.
SAFETY NOTE: Do not get your hand between a 1700lb pole and a prybar in case it slips and your hand gets caught between two poles.
He got it pretty quick and there wasn't really any damage done- except the creosote forced into the back of my hand and wrist. It's been burning all. day. long. and worse when the south Texas sun was hitting it.

Hopefully everything that's going to break has already done so, so we can finish the boxcar load of poles we have at the shop.

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