Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I just want to make one fact clear

Before I send you to these two stories.

Adolph Hitler was the most rabid anti-smoker in modern history.

First we have Howard Weyers and his policy of firing smokers (in 2005).

Now we have healthNAZIs taking another look at that policy.

Oh, yeah. I'm off today because the A/C is sick.
At best it'll only cost around $200 for a recharge (if I get paid my 8 mo-old comp time), and I don't even want to think what a new compressor will cost at worse.

They just called and canceled for the day.
Wanted to make it another day, I told them that I don't get paid for not working so I'll find someone who CAN make it today.
Now I have another company coming out between 5 and 7PM.

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