Monday, June 30, 2008

Joe Horn

Of Pasadena, Tx.
If you're not in Texas you may not have heard about his case, which was a very questionable use of the castle doctrine.

His story goes that on Nov. 16 2007 he saw two people breaking into his neighbors house and called 911.
Which was good.
In the course of the call, he told the dispatcher that he was going to confront the two because they were leaving in spite of the operators calls to stay put.

The results were two dead criminals.
With long arrest records- who happened to be illegals and members of a robbery ring in Houston.

Joe had his day in court today.

-- Did I mention they were shot in the back?

And the Grand Jury found Joe innocent of all charges.

I'm of mixed mind about this. Because the saying "he deserved killing" can be applied to some.
And since the two came onto his property, he was in fear of his life because he didn't know what to expect.
His adrenalin must have been pumping like a geyser, and he may have been in over his head when one started coming at him.
So I can see the not guilty verdict there.

BUT, they were shot in the back.
Right thinking people don't shoot someone in the back.
In Texas, the only people who shot someone in the back were dry-gulchers and cowards.
Ramos and Copmpean are in prison now for shooting a drug dealer almost in his @ss.

I know the Grand Jury heard more than we did out here, and made their decisions based on facts presented to them- so justice was served. There are two less criminals bothering the Houston community. Which is all well and good, but I still feel a vague unease about Joe just walking free after shooting two people in the back.

I mean...right's right and wrong is wrong.

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