Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Something to remember

There is some kind of bru-haha going on in the shooting world VS the gun-grabbers that I missed somewhere. I'm not sure as to *why* or *how* it happened that the two shooting disciplines(hunters and target shooters?) (long-guns against pistoleros?)are fighting against each other.
And it has to do- somehow with people who want to take away your right to own fire arms.

To paraphrase a poem:
First they came for the .22 pistol,
-but I didn't hunt paper.
Then they decided that a snubby was too inaccurate
-but I was a marksman.
Then they outlawed the Magnum, because it was too powerful for defensive use
-I only use rifle cartridges.
They decided that an autoloader put too many rounds in the air to fast-
-Bolt action and a scope, what's the problem?
They decide that the EBR ban needed to be renewed
-It's only plastic guns.
Then they looked at registrations
- never been in trouble, not my problem
Because of population growth, they took public game land off the table
-I have a lease
Then they decided that all hunter need a registered safety course
-I took it and filled the form
They then came to my house to confiscate my rifle because it was too powerful for my game.
-I started to claim my second Amendment rights, but they laughed and told me that I lost them when I didn't protest the first .22 ban.

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