Monday, June 30, 2008

More WWII artistic appreciation

Miss Boop is grown up on this plane

A Guam based B-29

And naturally the sounds of the war

This one has the tune of an old navy song I'd heard at the EM club from oooold salts who had been at Gitmo pre Castro*

Zig me baby with a gentile zag

* It went something like this
"We're scratching and sweating and waiting for orders
We're panting and paintng and waiting for orders
-(one more verse)
And we all pray for the day....we get the hell out of Guantonimo Bay

Guantonimo Bay- callit Gitmo for short, it's not much of a harbor and much less of a port,
Here you pay twenty cents for a bottle of beer- they call it patooie -it tastes mighty queer
There's an indian on the label to show- the indian sign makes you Go-Go-Go!
-(then we go into the ladies)

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