Monday, June 09, 2008

Funny how omnipotent W is

Because St. Barry the Democrat Presidential candidate seems to be completely powerless as a Senator.
He and his entire Democrat majority are absolutely unable to affect the economy for good or bad.

It's all Bush's fault. As I would have commented on Texas Freds blog (registration required), when St. Barry attacks McCain on the economy- all Big John needs to do is mention who is in charge of BOTH chambers of Congress.

The MSM keeps harping on how low Bush's approval ratings are- All McCain has to do is mention the approval of,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh- bad idea since Maverick John McCain is also a Senator. Who has done more for bipartisan matters than BOTH of the Democratic Senator presidential wannabes together.

BUT- none of the- what 579 of them in DC want to actually let us use our own oil to drop some of these sky high aggregate prices.

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