Saturday, June 24, 2006

You're probably going to be hearing alot about this

Maybe, depends on how hot the illegal thing gets before the election.

A group of 500 has sent a letter to D.C. in support of immigration as "Immigration is the greatest anti-poverty program ever conceived."

"Not just because the immigrants are much better off, but also because they send billions of dollars of their own money back to their home countries - a form of truly effective foreign aid," concluded the 500-plus signatories of an "Open Letter on Immigration to President Bush and Congress" dispatched this week.

Ok, so we can quit throwing money away in foreign Aid?

The Open Letter on Immigration, a project of the Independent Institute, a prominent think tank headquartered in Oakland, Calif., reminds President Bush and all members of Congress of America's history as an immigrant nation. They present the overall economic and social benefits of immigration, and the power of immigration to lift the poor out of poverty: "America is a generous and open country and these qualities make America a beacon to the world. We should not let exaggerated fears dim that beacon."

I don't, and can't remember when I've heard anyone denigrate LEGAL immigrants. In general, I mean (not the Irish, Italian, German, Pole bashing that's natural when you get a bunch of funny talking ferners disrupting your nice comfortable rut).
What has America up in arms about is the flood of anti American illegal immigrants who refuse to become assimilated. Who demand special privileges, and a President and Senate who are overwilling to reward lawbreaking with citizenship- for perceived political gain.

Everyone who has the slightest familiarity with the history of America knows that we are a nation of LEGAL immigrants who came here to BECOME Americans. Remember the melting pot analogy?
Then came the "salad bowl" analogy by our balkanization proponents.

You need a melting pot to make steel- which can be used to make swords or shields to defend the vulnerable; or plows and pots to raise and nourish those same afterwards.

A salad bowl is good for one sitting before it turns to cr@p.

BTW- notice any special words missing from the letter?
How about the word ILLEGAL everytime they glorify immigrants?

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