Friday, June 30, 2006

I notice that gas prices took a nickle jump yesterday

I wonder what kind of trouble made that happen?
It couldn't be the news that in Iraq, the attacks on the pipelines have stopped could it?

Or that the volatil oils market is reacting to the news that Iraq is producing at the highest level since the war started.

It couldn't possibly be that the oil companies are just gouging us because of the 4th of July weekend, could it?

I've layed off the oil companies because I realize the "record profits" are part of mass marketing.
The laws of supply ans demand etc... But Goddammit- enough is enough!!
Somebody needs to bitchslap those executives for profiteering, now. What the f*ck is their excuse? People will be driving on this 4 day weekend- we can really mug them now----because they don't have any options.

You may notice that the "One year ago, I was paying $1.37 for gas" is gone. That's because it's been over a year since the oil companies have been screwing us.
I told my father-in-law(a Brit), when he asked about the gas price spike- "It'll go down, it always does". Boy, I was wrong big time.

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