Wednesday, June 28, 2006

If this isn't enough to keep you awake tonight

You must read Steven King to your kids as bedtime stories.

We've been hearing about the "Trans-Texas Corridor" for a while, here. In our rumors, it is supposed to make it easier to go fast in central Texas, a conduit from Larado to Dallas 400 yards wide with railroads, petroleum pipelines, comm lines and all kinds of other goodies. Oh, and there will be pretty much no speed limit.

That's only part of it. Now comes the part where y'all accuse me of listening to those overnight coast-to-coast radio programs where they discuss their latest UFO abductions.

There may be a reason besides Bush being in the pockes of his contributors that he's blowing off our illegal problem. How about the North American Union with NO borders between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada? The first time a Mexican semi is inspected is in St. Louis, Mo from Baja Mexico.

See, you haven't heard about it, and no-one in Congress will admit to being involved because Bush is doing it all under the table. No oversite needed, just a tri-lateral commision where America used to be.

Ohhh, and that pesky illegal problem? It'll just go away since there are no borders anymore.

Via Michael Reagan (and other radio programs).

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