Thursday, June 29, 2006

OK, so...can we scare them away with depth charges first?

In today's feature on the imbecile animal rights front- we have a lawsuit to stop the Navy using sonar.

Environmental groups sued the federal government Wednesday to prevent the Navy from using active sonar during drills off Hawaii next month, saying the sound could harm whales and other marine mammals. The Natural Resources Defense Council asked a federal court in Los Angeles to issue a temporary restraining order unless the Navy takes "effective measures" to protect marine life when it uses high-intensity, mid-frequency active sonar to hunt submarines in the drills.


The permit comes after NOAA said in April that Navy use of sonar during maritime exercises off Hawaii in 2004 may have contributed to the mass stranding of more than 150 whales. The report, however, did not say definitively that the sonar caused the whales to gather in the bay. The Navy agreed to several measures to limit the impact its sonar might have on whales and dolphins, including not using active sonar in coastal waters — except in channels between some of the islands — and lowering the sonar's power when marine mammals are nearby.

So, sonar is the (probable) cause of mass beachings? What was the cause before WWII?
Besides, the world is getting noisier. I have to put up with the @ssholes that insist on shaking my truck with their f*cking 25"speakers, the whales can learn to live with sonar.

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