Sunday, June 11, 2006

Well, I'm glad I'm not alone here

Alternativly titled "Hang-up and drive!"
I'm NOT the only person in America that thinks cell phone use should be banned while driving.
Approximatly 2/3 of Americans agree with me. Granted, it was a small sampling- but hey, major news stories have been planted on less.

The poll of 849 adults, of which 69 percent owned cell phones, was conducted in March and announced this week. While 29 percent of respondents said they did not want such a law, 65 percent said states should ban drivers from talking on cell phones.

Previous studies have suggested that kill thousands of people every year and create traffic jams. Even hands-free phone use has been shown to slow driver reaction times. Study leader Michael Traugott of the University of Michigan said the poll results show that people understand these risks.

"I think this is a reflection of inherent concerns about driving safety, as well as the concern about accidents due to cell phone use," Traugott told LiveScience.

60% would also ban them in planes.
Some 60 percent of those surveyed said they would maintain the ban on cell phone use in airplanes. Whether they owned a cell phone or not, the respondents were equally likely to support that ban.

"The concern about cell phone use in planes may relate to the fact that it is an enclosed space and people can't walk away from loud conversations in a way they can on land," Traugott said.

Cell phone use in public places was said to have irritated 60 percent of the respondents, but only 43 percent support banning cell phone conversations in places such as restaurants, theaters or museums.

And just like Congress they don't want a complete ban because: "They seem reluctant to impose restraints on their own behavior."

The problem isn't with the cell phone it's self, it's the distraction caused by talking to someone completly removed from your situation.
Not only do you have someone trying to tell Timmy the temp how to replace the toner in the copier you are causing traffic problems by having your head in the office and not in the car. Wether you have a handheld or hands-free phone your speed is changing and you probably aren't keeping track of changing traffic conditions. Add to the fact that you're sharing the road with people who never learned to drive right, or forgot all but the basics you throw in someone behind the wheel who isn't paying attention -you're looking at a wreck waiting to happen.

I notice that MADD hasn't embraced the prohibition on cell phones like they want to embrace every other "safety" issue that comes down the pike. I guess they don't care that talking on a cell phone causes you to drive like you're over .08 BAC -drunk.

Like I said before, it's not the item, it's the distration caused. Truckers have been using CBs forever- remember the CB craze in the 70's? Truckers need both hands to drive and shift- BUT they talk to other drivers and are aware of changing traffic and what to watch out for.

I also think that private companies should be allowed, if not encouraged to block cell phone signals in resurants and movie theaters. If you can't restrain yourselves and act like a civilized person- someone will have to make you respect the rights of others around you.

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