Thursday, June 29, 2006

Ahhhh, the wonders of having NO expectations

I just got home.
I took the garbage to the street- I left the two cans behind the big truck when I left(as a signal that they needed to go). I didn't expect anyone except me top do it. I wasn't wrong.

I got into the house and was greeted with an empty Tombstone cardboard. Figures; I mean- really- who wants to come home at gawd-only-knows-what-time of the morning, and wants to eat and go to bed? Now I'm here waiting for the hamburger to cook down, so I can turn it into hamburger helper. Why should I complain? Mom worked 8 hours and the three girls didn't think about even cleaning the cutting board they used to make that nasty guacamole- it's been two days that I've been throwing both cutting boards into the sink--just to find the filthy things sitting on the counter yet again.
The dishwasher is almost empty, but the dishes are piled in the sink.

The girls are going to England for 4 weeks (I think) and mom is going for two.
it'll be nice to batch for a while- things stay clean when you clean them. Things don't just-end up- lost, or broken, or filthy- and nobody knows what happened.

When I'm by myself, I clean what I make dirty, and actually put it away.
If the garbage is full, I take it out- not ignore the crap that's falling on the floor.
I clean the stove when I make a mess.
I put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and don't turn it on when there's 6 f*cking things in it.
I can look at the outside waterbowl, and actually fill it when it's dry.
I wipe up my spills, so I don't have my feet sticking to the floor.
When I'm batching, I'll actually be able to plan meals three days ain advance--and have what I bought for it--available.

I'm anal like that. It came from the military.
Besides, I'm not a selfish, lazy teenager.

The hamburger is ready, and now we have to wait for the pasta to soften for our "Beef and Pasta" meal... ohh, and add time to let it cool down, too. Looks like about a 4AM bedtime.

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