Friday, June 16, 2006

$1.4 billion in taxpayer money wasted.

Did that get your attention?

That's what the Katreina oversite commitee called it. (Ok, they didn't actually call it taxpayer money).

I was listening to Michael Gallagher on the way home, and he was talking about the fraud and waste involved in the hurricane Katerina fiasco.

What I want to know is, Why is anyone suprized about it?
You have the administration tripping over itself to throw money away, welfare cheats, crooked pols (the Louisiana kind), the Big News blowhards and your average bureaucratic pass-the-buck attitude.... why is ANYONE with half a brain shocked at the wastefull deluge of fraud that occurred anywhere near the event horizon of N'awlines?

The couldn't throw enough Money at the thing because the MSM couldn't be bothered to actually factcheck their sources. (We know N'awlines- if it sounds true, it probably is,,,besides why would anyone LIE to us???)

Now it's coming out about the "free" $2000 debit cards, and the profligately way the majority was spent.
I'd like to remind y'all that there wasn't really any restrictions on that money- just that you needed an address in La, preferably N'awlines.

The cities that took in the trash are going to regret that for a long time, and we, the taxpayers are going to go through it again, the very next time a welfare city is anywhere near the path of even a tropical storm..........just watch the kerfluffel.

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