Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Now that gadaffi's gone

Can I ask a question?
It may be completely self explanatory to some, but I'm curious.

Why is it good, and why is it that Kaddafi needed to go?
I mean, yes he was a dictator that at one time was into terrorism (before being a 'militant' was cool).

BUT- after Reagan let him know in no uncertain terms that the US and the rest of the world was tired of his shit- he really did calm down. He actually in his own way seemed to try to stop antagonizing everyone just because he could.

Yeah, he got that Lockerbee terrorist back home, but that was more instinct (like a dog licking his b@lls) than outright transgression. Besides the Liberals in the place that used to be Great Britain actually pushed him on Libya.

So again- aside from oil-for-France and the theme of "all the cool kids are doing it"- why did we get involved in someone who hasn't really been a problem to us- the US in twenty years?


  1. If you want a rep as a badguy-beating badass - but don't want to do the heavy lifting involved in actually being awesome - you pick an easy target. Ghaddafi was born to be the Big O's military claim to fame. I note Obama doesn't seem to know Syria or Iran exist.

  2. Agree with Joel. Iraq took a lot of balls. Put up our best and brightest on the ground face to face. Agree or not with the war, that was a LEADERS decision. Libya and the "Reasons" given failed. Syria and Iran are killing "Innocents" and Obama didn't step in because it would be a tough fight. IF it's an easy button moment Obama is all in... Make it tough and he is too busy to make a decision.