Saturday, June 24, 2006

The things you hear on the radio at 3AM

I just got home and was listening to the 'Best of Mike Gallagher" - you look for the link, I'm tired.
They had a section on the U-Fla .......ummmm

requiring you to swear that you were having sex with your domestic partner, in order to receive health bennies.

Two things popped into my befuddled brain.
1- Ok, now WHO were the ones accusing Republicans of invading Americas bedrooms? Wasn't it a bunch of libs?

2- OK , you and your bud head down to any Mexican border-town and have sex with the whores in the same room- wouldn't that be a Clintonesque way of 'having sex' with your domestic partner? I mean- C'mon you're a guy- you're of work and your Best Friend (BF from now on) has a gravy job cleaning fishtanks-- with free health, wouldn't you jump on it? I mean now-a-days it's (supposed)to be cool to be gay.

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