Sunday, April 17, 2011

Remember that rant I went on about gun sellers not providing info?

It was back in this post about the Beretta 1873 lever action .357.
I wqs under the assumption that it was a new rifle, but Beretta/Pietta/Cimarron put it out back in 2005.

The only review I've seen was from 'The high road' site, and now, I can't even bring it up. ahh, here it is,, but in .45.
But I want one. It's got the old half cock hammer safety and the (forerunner to JMBs Squeeze handle safety) squeeze the handle to fire old time firing arrangement.
So I don't have to worry about the Pumas annoying safety reset and all the other B.S. of lawyerly luuv.

I wonder what was wrong with them, since they seemed to be made well and weren't really overpriced (in the field).

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