Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Nissan Leaf

They have a new commercial out for it.

They call it the value of Zer

The first time I heard it, I was like all WTF???
If you had Zero air pollution, we'd all be dead. Oxygen is a powerful ,,,oxidant- it eats things. CO2 is a buffer gas, like Nitrogen and plants NEED CO2 to produce oxygen. Without air pollution we'd be- the moon.

And that zero dependence on foreign oil will never happen as long as your buddy in the White House keeps banning us from using our own oil.
...Even IF we could fuel with some exotic fuel that cost pennies, we'd still need it to produce PLASTIC!

Zero percent gas, 100 percent electric.
Where is this majik electricity going to come from? 0bamas Unicorns are about used up, and skittles use corn sugar that is used to make the ethanol that the lobbyist from BIG AG got Congress to mandate and then PAY for.

Not to mention just how unfriendly to Gaia all that advanced electronics are- nor should we think about all those poisons injected into the earth mother when producing the heavy metal that makes those batteries,

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  1. Pollution is anything Man does. Volcanoes spewing megatons of sulfur compounds and CO2 are "natural", so can't be pollution. Definition.

    Last time I checked, the US gets about 75% of our electricity from burning coal. So every time you charge up your Leaf, you are using energy from coal mostly, at a total efficiency of maybe 30% after the losses in the generating plant, the power lines and the charger.

    A gasoline vehicle running on real gasoline is close to 30% efficient, doesn't add to our electrical distribution load, and can be "recharged" in minutes at a gas station.

    If we had fusion power, electric vehicles would make a lot of sense. But that's 20 years in the future, and has been for the last fifty years.

    Related note - drove through Chicago with a friend yesterday - there's a huge coal-fired power plant on the South Side there, merrily converting barges of coal into power - and not a hint of odor or smoke. All the money wasted on "green" energy could have built us dozens of similar coal plants by now, and helped our employment and economy.


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