Sunday, April 10, 2011

More of that hopie-changyness

I thought the iWON was going to spread oil ecofriendly biodegradable lubricating fluid on the troubled waters of the world.
We were going to have peace in our time by getting rid of dictators who supported us and replacing them with....well we haven't thought it through that far....but Mubarak is gone!!
So we don't really have a dog in that rioting that's going on in Egypt today- right?

I mean because last time they were rioting and the army wasn't shooting into the crowd- but there was a friendy dictator- so it was a CHANGE needing to happen so the Mosum Brotherhood could hijack the "democracy" that was starting.

But we hear nothing from Mr. Hopieness about the army taking charge because his buddies are set to take over, and a few hundred bodies are really nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Unless we can somehow blame those evyll Rethuglicans...

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