Wednesday, April 20, 2011

So I'm looking at this empty gallon of wine

Four liters, actually.
I have the honey which BTW- costs almost a dollar more that last month (thanx Barry).
I watched this video again-

And said- lets give it a shot.
I got the water, the tubing, the orange -then headed to the pet zone and got this bubble check-valve for my airlock.
I drilled a hole in the cap, and am now waiting for the silicone to cure before sanitization tomorrow.

I wonder how much I could increase the ,,,bite if I did something illegal like freeze the non-alcohol out when it's done in about four months....


  1. If you're looking to distill, just use plain sugar and don't waste the good (and more expensive) stuff.

  2. I was kind of thinking of fruit juice and Kayro....


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