Saturday, April 30, 2011

You would think

That no matter how small a town is- that they'd put their two biggest stores on two different primary feeds. But not in Hondo.
The had a line on the ground on the east side of town and both Wal-mart and H.E.B. were out of power along with every gas station and fast food place along HWY 90.

You know guys, putting in switch gear to re-rout power isn't all that expensive- especially when your entire main drag was powerless for the entire time you were gloving it.

Which gives me an excuse to throw this up. Not that it was 500K because those insulators looked like no more than a 12470V range.


  1. Yikes! That will put a zip in your shorts.

  2. Interesting about your power outage. Most of Grimes County was dead Saturday morning as well. Took a little over two hours but it all came back. Don't know exactly how long because we had the genset running and got a callback form the power company to make sure our power was restored. That was my cue to shut down the generator and transfer back over to grid power.

  3. They just had a phase drop onto the ground, and it started a small grass fire. The city had it up and reconnecting it when I was leaving.


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