Friday, April 15, 2011

Here's a tip for gun sellers

If you're selling something that's not mainstream,,,like everyone knows it.
Say a WIN '94 30-30, or an M1903-A3 30-06.

lets say you have a Beretta 1873 lever action .357 rifle and you want to sell it online.
Maybe you could break out of the mold of just cutting and pasting the websites vague description and TELL me about your rifle.
Take some pictures, tell me what kind of safety I'll be getting.
I know it's right out of the box, but tell me how it feels. How is the trigger?
Is there a firing pin interlock?

I'm not there, This is the first time I knew Beretta made a lever action rifle.
Is it like a Puma that has some BS safety that you have to work around every time you shoot?

From the miniature pictures I see, it looks like I can put a peep sight on it, or is the case just too weak to handle tapping?

I'm not going to spend $700+ on something I *might* like without a little more input.


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