Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Corpse men

"Corpse men"

The cast

Part one
Part two
Part three

I say Adder, have you seen these figures on the plague?
People are dropping left and right.

Like flies.

Yes I have you Lordship, and it's not only the peasants this time either.
Those who have access to the best medical minds in England are dying too.

Do we know anything about it?

Or better yet, how much we can wring out of this to help your political fortunes...

Sire, Mr. Adder- William Pitt, the younger is here to see you.

What does he want Baldric?

He wants to discuss the meaning of the last election and you loss of Lord O' Kennedy's seat.

Very well, show him in.

Good day gentlemen. I shall be brief. As you know, Lord Browns election to the upper House puts your super majority in the books of history and we- the Loyal Opposition will do our best to halt your scandalous health initiative.

Oooh how feisty we are when one ekes out a bare majority in a meaningless election!
How quaint.

Lord Percy, that electoral split was almost exactly the same as when you held mock elections for Kingship and you declared it a huge mandate.

Yes, but that was then and this is now- besides we own all the printing presses and the town criers are all on the take.

We shall get our message out. Now good day to you both, I'll see myself out.

.............To be continued after a break for High Tea.............

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