Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our story resumes...

"Corpse men"

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-Sir Melchett to see you m'lord.

-Yes, I've been expecting him. Show him in Baldric.

-Adder, I've just come from the Queens office and she is not happy about the Torries ending our super majority, but still wants this bill passed.

-I know, so does the Prince, and I have a waiting list to serve on those death panels that are in the House of Lords bill.

-And my cousin has has a chance to be one the corpse men- the caller: "Bring out your dead".

- Oh Gawd Baldric your breath smells like shite.

-I'm making shite soup Sire, I found some nice fixings on the road today.

-Anyway Melchett, there is a way called reconciliation.
It would have to work like this: Both houses would need to approve the House of Lords version as is- No changes whatsoever. then it goes to the Queens desk for her signature...

-But then the Upper House version becomes law with all the bribes, kickbacks and backroom deals that made it such a clusterflop.

-Yes, but with the assurance of the speaker of Lords, *I* have a promise and a letter promising that once it's been signed into law- that both houses will work to change it.
We then attach it to the bill allowing the further shipment of criminals to Australia. which as you know only requires a 51% aye vote.

-That is a cunning plan, and we can include something for Big Alchemy in it as well- their contribution was a bit late, something about a lead shortage.

-Your Lordships, may I ask a question?


-What is it Baldric?

-I'm a sub-moron who can't count to five, I eat shite soup and think owning a turnip is a big thing. Even I can see that once the bill from the Upper house passes that those Lords have no reason to change it, why would they?

-Because Baldric, they promised they would...AND they signed a promissory note.

-I hate to disagree with my betters, but they are Liberal politicians whose only use for something written has a Pound sign on it with lots of zeros behind it- and a promise lasts only as long as it takes to get their vote.

-Baldric, you're a simpleminded imbecile. This bill means too much for both houses, the Banks of England, France and Switzerland and many highly placed leaders in the medical field.

-Just let us do the thinking for you Baldric, we're the aristocracy and know what's in your best interest better than you.

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