Saturday, February 06, 2010

Someone stirred up a bit of a chitstorm last week.

I don't know exactly why.
Maybe it was a needed props to His lunatic Leftist base.
Maybe it was a needed distraction to His failing administration.

But when Barry decided to get into the DADT thing- he really opened thing up.

The older I get, the less I'm worried about DADT and the intervening years have probably mellowed the opposition with the younger guys.

But when I open a blog that's absolutely in your face about it (It's OVER- grow a pair and GET OVER IT!!!) I just automatically go back to the default settings.

I think, though that in reality- it's not so much about unit cohesion and discipline, and not so much about moral problems as the simple fact of 'good gay' VS 'bad gay'.

Even LabRat who got alot of it started admits that she's less skeezed about showering with an open lez than she'd be with a guy that she's not interested in.

Ther have been quite a few posts (that I can't link to because I can't remember where I saw them) that have made a good case for less homo.... ummm apartheid... than outright bans (and phobia).

I don't, and I bet that a majority of conservatives don't really have a problem with a .gov policy of recognizing a committed same sex relationship as long as it's *not* called MARRIAGE.

The same thing with DADT- it's one thing watching THIS (nsfw image) in the barracks and a completely different thing than seeing THIS (nsfw) in the shower.


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