Monday, February 08, 2010

What is it now? 0 for 4?

Barrys touch went from Midas to Thantos in less than a year.

Three blown elections and now his pick for the Colts.

Hey, did he visit Murtha on his sickbed too? Tell him: "Jack, don't worry about a thing- I'll put in a good word for you." And now the House has a new opening waiting on the Governors appointee.
I guess that might be stretched to 0-4-1 since Rendell is a Dem and Obama hasn't lost THAT seat yet.

I don't know what is going on in the blogworld because I just got home from working on Holy ground, troubleshooting parking lights at Denny's in preparation for their free breakfast.

They have some F*CKED up wiring there.
(maybe pics later)

Lastly- my earworm from back to back episodes of BBCA's "Demons":

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