Thursday, February 04, 2010 and the Liberal agenda

Is pretty well ecapsulated in their scam warnings.

Really. Go to and get your city (or town).
Look for jobs in their job section and you'll get a scam warning.

OK? Now drop down to the desperate people looking for "anything" like [Part Time] jobs or [ETC] jobs...much less the GIGS...
...and when you open it,,,, there ARE no scam warnings...

I thought all Libs (And this sight puts a peace sign on youe bookmarks)were out to help "the little guy" against those evile corporatons,,, or something.
So now we have legitimate want ads inturrupted by warnings,,,and the ones that are most suspect..without any warnngs at all...

(Kinda like someone got tired of cutting and pasting code?)

I wonder how someone in DeeCee is going to bring that around to be able to blame THAT on Bush, too?

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