Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hanging yourself with your own rope

I'm sure everyone who's interested has seen the Glenn Beck Debbie Medina interview, in which he asked her straight out if she was a truther.

I was starting to lean towards giving her my vote until I heard her non-answer and her follow-up ...verbiage.
She didn't lose my vote because of her ambiguous answer -The facts aren't in yet,yatiyatiya.

It was her uninterutable rant that followed without letting Glenn get a word in edgewise.

She sounded exactly like those boorishly insufferable Libs that call radio talk shows and launch their monologues on whatever subject they lied about to get on.
You know the ones who drone on and on and on, until you change the channel or turn them off.

Now that she's shown her @ss, I wonder what will happen in the polls?
I couldn't find any taken after her GB moment, but I'm sure this gives Kay Bailey-Hutchinson a boost.

Not that KBH doesn't need to just go back to DC and do her thing there, because her attack ads on Perry just highlight her DeeCee actions as well.

Mandates from on high? Rick Perry stopped his HPV idea, but KBH sent Gawd knows how many unfunded mandates to the states.

Insider deals? Do you *really* want to go there KBH?

Perry trying to get re-elected again? KBH has been in DC for 17 years worth of six year terms- in spite of her promise to only serve ----two.

TxDOT and wasted money? KBH voted FOR the stimulus bill AND TARP and the plus side of 17 years worth of bloated Federal budget AND the pork that went with it.

Want to go on Kay? How about your vote FOR Amnesty when you thought no one was looking.

How many bills have you voted on without reading the? I know you don't have anyone reading your e-mails.

I guess the default vote is for Rick Perry - although Debbie Medina was a good idea.

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