Monday, January 04, 2010

We have a hard freeze warning tonight

Here in south Texas, in the San Antonio area.

People up north are getting pounded, loosing power and even their lives.

All I have to say about that is thank Gaea for AlGore and his discovery of global warming, otherwise can you imagine what the weather would be like?


When I let the big one out at 5 AM this morning it was 25.
Without that glow-bull warming that'll turm the earth into a flaming cinder in 10 7 years it would probably be in the teens.


  1. -15F overnight here in the Omaha NE area. Brings out the weaknesses in batteries, starters, and truck drivers.

    Fortunately no -15F you don't want wind chill!

    Of course, the next blizzard is only 48 hours away - I expect the milk, beer and toilet paper are flying off the shelves at the stores.

  2. 22 here in DFW this morning. Tomorrow it's supposed to turn to shit.

  3. ... snow predicted for here in Tennessee tomorrow as well.... stay warm, big guy....