Friday, January 01, 2010

About that TSA review

That 0bama wanted on his desk today.

Which desk is it on? The one in the Oval Office or a card table in the basement of his $28 million dollar borrowed mansion?
Will this sit there until he gets around to it like that $780,000,000,000,000 re-election package did...after the rush to pass it?

Also, I thought leaks were good for the public to know about? The publics' right to know and all...right NYT?
Or do we want to start keeping .gov secrets only when the might go against 'The Won"?

But aren't you glad His majik Unicorns had their anti-boom spells when that plane crossed into U.S. territory.

1 comment:

  1. Well put. His handlers have to read it first and insure it is worthy of his time. What a joke he is. Funny he didn't make any comment about Rush's heart problesm.