Friday, January 08, 2010

Conveying royalty

In case you missed the hoopla, today is Elvis' birthday.

I really don't understand the adoration of 'The King', even if I really like his music.
He was probably a better role model than a recently passed 'idol',,,the 'King of pop' in that Elvis only caused trouble for himself.

In this birthday tunage, I give you some faves of mine- starting with his first record:

Jailhouse rock

Hound dog:

As opposed to Jerry Lee Lewis' 'Hound dog':
Which was good in it's self.

Blue sued shoes:

And, lastly ZZ Tops tribute:

On the Food Network,,,channeling Elvis, I guess.
'The best fried food I've ever had' is on, and I'll have to try deep fried Brussels Sprouts with vinigaretee and it looks like fried onions and bacon.

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