Sunday, January 10, 2010

For you survivalist types

Who have access to a Mill and a Lathe.

Your next addition to your self defence armoury.

I'll be busy trying not to lose my house in foreclosure.
And the two trucks to the bank..while still having Internet, cable and telephone coverage.

...THEN we'll worry about the EoTWaWKI

To the educated elites out there who know more than us hicks...
You snobs who turn your noses up at us when we ask for Sarah Palins book really oughtta know...
The book "White Fang" by Jack London doesn't belong on the VAMPIRE shelf.

Unless the .gov ed system has decided that it's "too complicated' to understand our history,,,just like it's probably 'too complicated' to put current events into another *not* required reading,,,like maybe "Lord of the Flies" where there was a dearth of adult leadership and the kids voted their society into the ground.

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  1. Remember those are the people whos children will run our future society and as much as I dreaded the hippies taking over our country when they did it was far worse than I could have imagined. Also, that gattling gun, a perfectly beautiful machine and all leagal to boot.