Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The EotWAWKit

That's the end of the world as we know it.
Be it the Zombyclypse, the Obamaclypse, or any other...clypse on the horizon.
There's plenty of talk about guns, medical supplies, food and such.

BUT what about transportation?
In a zombieclyps, at least -if you can get the vehicle started, you can get out of Dodge.
What happens if we get hit with an EMP?
Have any of you survivalists thought about living without even being able to pump gas?
IF you can get that old '49 Chrysler running again since anything with printed circuits is going to be so dead it won't be worth a doorstop.
You guys with your new diesels, you're screwed too because unless you can find a way to bypass all that engine control crap that diesel won't even turn over. Then if you can get it to run you better hope it's a standard because that electronically controlled automatic is an oily anchor.

I don't know how basic you need to go to be workable after modern electronics are fried. Squirrel cage motors will probably work, Dales old gas compressors probably would. Your grandparents old RV Onan generator stands a good chance of working.
The power grid will be down because of the computerized switches and controls are stuck were they were when the flash went off.

Even if you could get power, those CFLs that congress wants to force you to buy probably wouldn't work.

Now that I've put you in a suitable mood- enjoy the LightWeight's speach tomorrow!

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  1. Great post. I think if we are unfortunate enough to experience some sort of EOTWAWKIT event, an EMP would be the likely cause, or part of it anyway.