Sunday, January 31, 2010

So I went to Yahoo Answers yesterday

Just to be sure I was (as usual) in that window that absolutely NO tax change helps me out.
Yep it's still true, in order to get that $6500 homeowners tax credit, you need to live i the house ...ONE year more than we have so far.

Because most Americans are some kind of house flippers that you see on those Tee wee H&G shows..instead of people who want to actually OWN property where they WANT to.

AND that expanded child care credit= who just turned 18 and got married, and the other one that I make too much money anyway,,,

Yeah, ThanX Barry, you're really coming through on the bennies,
AND I still have to see how much extra we owe because 'someone' decided she didn't want to take out that extra $20 per week that the O-man wanted to scam everyone on about their tax credits.

Oh, and I can't answer ay questions becuse I rfuse to update my Fire Fox to the piot that I can't customise it the way i want.. . Because 'it's not supported'.
K,,,F-you yahoo ad the rest, i want a browser that I like and don't care what you want to force me to have.

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