Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Where ARE my boots?

I mean my anti-chitload boots.

Not only did Mr. Chicago Machine appoint a noted tax cheat to the Dept. of Treasury (and every other posting), now they're going on some kind of crusade to rope in other tax cheats.

I mean isn't it really kind of hypocritical to put an unrepentant ('sorry, my bad' doesn't cut it) tax cheat in charge of hunting down other tax cheats because of a 'higher ...ummm....plan' to do SOMETHING about the massive money hemorrhage from D.C.?

I mean, for the f*ck sake, doesn't any Liberal have any sense of irony about this whole tax thing being ramrodded by someone who only paid his taxes so he could get THIS gravy job?
And trying to make some kind of moral high ground about going after tax cheats.

I guess everyone connected to Obama got the note to get out of Swiss banks last month.
He's in both the Senate and the House lecturing other pick-pockets about how bad it is to defraud people............

And only 48% can make a connection here.....the other 52 still think that stupid *I'm sorry world* site can only apply to Bush. I wonder if it's taken this time around?

Nope, if anyone wants to apologize for our Magic Worker it's available.

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