Sunday, March 08, 2009

Amature hour on the Potomac

I know you've heard about the blow-off the British PM got when he decided to just drop in on the Light bringer the other day.
You know, just jump on a trans-Atlantic jet and show-up at 1600 Penna Ave. with no notice.

The Water Walkers apologists are claiming he's too 'tired' and overwhelmed by his first 'real' job that actually requires decisions that matter.

Insiders are saying that his State Dept. (who should have experienced Clintonites) fell down on the job, probably because Libs love to reward failure. They don't have some kind of book to go to?

"Lets see....Bahrain, Bermuda, Brazil,,,,OH here it is- Britain! They get the whole treatment, print out the Alpha plan and we'll get going."
Ok, so President Neophyte is overwhelmed by ruining the world economy in his first three months, his State Dept. is full of incompetents.

What about his wife who is busy at homeless shelters getting her picture taken by the homeless and their camphones? She doesn't have a lick of common courtesy either?
Man, you Obmatrons sure know class when you elect it.

I guess it's the Change in foreign policy we can expect. The No Country Left behind foreign relations plan where our best ally is treated exactly the same as a rep from Haiti.




Mushroom risotto? That sounds like it would really stretch the food budget.

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